Strathclyde Loch Sailing Club
Membership Renewals / New Members joining

  All members should now renew their membership on line as per below, so that the club always
  have the latest details including confirmation of dinghy insurrance for the season etc.

  All new members joining for the first time should also use the below membership application form to request
  membership including all the relevant details so that we can process the application as quickly and
  efficiently as possible.

  Please follow instructions listed below:

On Line Membership Registration and Payment:

    1) Fill in and submit On-Line Membership Application Form1   

    2) Make a Secure and quick Bank Transfer from your on-line bank account to the Clubs Account: 
              Sort Code:               80-17-02
              Account Number:     00109928
              Transfer Reference:  your initial followed by your surname (J.Blogs)

    3) Inform the Club of your payment by sending an e-mail to the club secretary:

Boat Storrage Agreement and Payment

    Boat storage
is available to all SLSC members in the Clubs Dinghy Compound. If available an appropriate  
    space will be allocated by the club Bosun whereafter the member boat can be stored. The storrage space
    allocated will be equiped with tie down fixtures which are securely bolted into the ground. It is the members
    responsability to ensure the boat is securely tied down to the storage space when not on the water

    Members must also have their boat fully insured while it is in the compound or on the water at Strathclyde

    Anyone who intends to remove their boat is asked to inform the Bosun, Wilson Couper Tel 07899 942 
    822, before doing so.

    Boat Storage is allocated on an annually basis and is paid in quarterly installments.  The quarter start
    dates are 1stApril, 1st July, 1st October and 1st January.

    An initial payment is required for the number of days remaining in the first quarter. Thereafter payment in
    advanced is required by Standing Order at 75 Per Quarter.

    The Standing order should be set up to the club's account: 
              Sort Code:               80-17-02
              Account Number:     00109928
              Transfer Reference:  your initial followed by your surname (J.Blogs)

    For any further information and to arrange boat storage please contact the Bosun,
    Wilson Cooper, Tel 07899 942 822
For new members joining the club and additional 10 joining fee to buy in to the clubs existing facilities is applicable.

The above membership fee also covers all water charges including launching fee and rescue boat cover as well as shower and changing room facilities, at any time during the parks opening hours, and for the entire season...... WOW!!!
Membership                                                           Full          Late         Winter
Joining between...............................................:    Apr-Jun     Jul-Sep      Oct-Mar  
Membership Prices for season 2017/18
Aged 18 or above on 1st January
Parents and Children under 18
Aged 17 or under on 1st January
Any person in full time education
Non sailing members